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『How's My Driving?』

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『OOC:』 ► Edward Elric In MS Elegante

I warn in advance that this is VERY wordy. I'm not sure what everyone is familiar with in regards to Edward's personality and such, so I figured too much is better than not enough. This is where I give the necessary credit to the FMA Wikia for the treasure trove of information contained in their pages.

Backstory: MS EleganteCollapse )

And here is the almighty Ms Elegante App for future reference


『Elegante 005』► Audio

Question for you guys:

Ever notice how the people on this ship tend to be people that you couldn't stand back home? Hell, even a bitter enemy of yours?

It makes me wonder how deliberate Redd's choice is in plucking these people from our worlds. If it's a deliberate way to make the passengers' stay that much more hellish.

[He takes a deep sigh. It's a few moments before he speaks again.]

The only exception is the Colonel, but I wouldn't say that we're friends so much as allies. He's my commanding officer; he's not going to act like a friend to me. Other than that, I get two Homunculi and a trigger-happy State Alchemist who nearly killed me.

Of all the people to drag over here, why them? If you ask me, that can't be coincidence.

『Elegante 004』► Open Comment Log

[Curiosity having gotten the best of him, Edward has been making it a point to explore the lower-level decks on the ship, learning the territory as best he can.

Thus far, his exploration has stopped at Deck 16. One of the doors is open, Ed on his knees in front of it like a supplicant. He's reaching inside of it, cheeks strained with tears and mumbling to himself. The word "mother" is a recurring one, as well as Edward grasping at his arm and leg as though in pain.]

Mom... Mom, no, I didn't want to turn you into that thing... We didn't... we didn't think that things would go so wrong...

It's all my fault... [His voice softens, not entirely coherent at this point.] All my fault... all my fault... all my fault...

[ooc: Edward is seeing this part of his life in the door. Let's see what kind of plot bunnies this could lead to.]

『Elegante 003』► Video/Audio

[The camera fumbles for a few moments - it's clear the one using it has never so much as touched a camera before, let alone operated one.]

Dammit, how do you - [the camera repeatedly zooms in and out] C'mon, a little further out- no, not that far-! [The video settles at about a foot away from his face. And upside down.]

There. Perfect. [He makes faces at the camera like a little kid.]

I never had to get involved with Jennifer, so answer me this: did any of you guys actually figure out what her issue was? And why the hell were we the ones who had to deal with her in the first place? Last time I checked, we weren't the ones steering the boat in the first place.

『Elegante 002』► Open Comment Log

[Near the shore line of the beach, a rather short teenager is reclining against a palm tree with his right foot buried in the sand. His cheeks are starting to redden with a sunburn.

As usual, he can sleep just about anywhere. He has an open book near one hand and a split coconut cradled in the other.]

[ooc: I'm game to take this whichever way. Let's see where this leads~]

『Elegante 001』► Audio

[The comm rattles a bit, the sound peppered occasionally by a frustrated growl.]

How the hell do you - oh, I guess it is on.

[Rattling stops, and with it is a small sigh of relief.]

Alright, well - oh geez, this is so stupid, does this actually work? Do you guys actually hear me on this thing?

Whatever, anyway, so I have a few questions about this boat, M.S. Elegante or whatever the hell it's called. First of all, where are we going? Stupid question, sure, but I don't even know how I got on here, let alone where this damn boat is dragging us to. And I say "us" because it's become pretty clear pretty quickly that none of us are on here by choice.

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on? Let's start with a less broad question: What. Do. These. Balls. And. Jewels. Do.